Quadriceps tendon anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (SS-15)

      From April 1996 to August 2001, 302 patients underwent ACL reconstruction using a central quadriceps tendon autograft with a bone plug and bioabsorbable interference screw fixation. Fifty-seven patients were available for long-term follow-up. Associated injuries were 20 medial meniscal tears, 29 lateral meniscal tears, and 8 significant (grad 2 or higher) articular cartilage injuries. At an average follow-up of 44.4 months (range 8 to 101 months), patients were assessed for ROM, stability, swelling and pain. KT values were 0.3 mm/47 patients, 3–5 mm/5 patients, 5–10 mm/5 patients and >10 mm/0 patients. Average KT value was 1.04 mm. Five patients had pain at final follow-up while one patient had an effusion. Fifty-four patients lost 0°–3° of extension and four lost 3°–5° of extension. No patient lost more than 5° of extension. No arthrofibrosis was seen in the 54 patients in the 0°–3° extension loss group, 3 patients in the 3°–5° extension loss group, and no patients in the over 5° extension loss group. IKDC scores at follow-up were 31 normal, 16 nearly normal, 8 abnormal, and 2 severely abnormal. There was no donor site morbidity. Good and excellent results were obtained in 55 or 57 patients. We feel that the central quadriceps tendon graft offers an excellent reconstruction option which yields excellent results and stability equal to bone-patellar tendon-bone graft. Patient satisfaction was very high.