Reminder: Online Submission Is the Only Way to Go, as of July 1, 2005

      Beginning July 1, 2005, the Journal no longer accepts mailed submission of new manuscripts.
      So how to submit a new manuscript? Please look over our most recent Instructions for Authors.
      Our online submission and review system may be accessed here (
      As I wrote to you back in February and March, “Online submission gives you immediate payback, starting with faster manuscript processing and turnaround times. Plus no postage to pay!”
      At Arthroscopy, online submission and review has been a big hit. The convenience is unbeatable.
      To repeat, after June 30, 2005, there is one way to submit new manuscripts to Arthroscopy: Please use our online Web site ( Sign in (or register) as an author. The steps to upload an electronic manuscript are easy to follow. Online you will find a tutorial for authors if you need it. Frequently asked questions are there too, with good answers. Technical support is 24/7.
      Note: If you have a manuscript being considered by the Journal and that manuscript was mailed to us and given a manuscript number with four digits (for instance, 4999), then that manuscript will continue to be a mailed manuscript—online does not apply to it, for the time being.
      However, after September 30, 2005, mailed manuscripts will be purged from the old database. After that, a four-digit manuscript will have to be submitted online and undergo a new round of peer review. (In other words, quit procrastinating if you have one of these “unresolved” manuscripts!)
      And for new manuscripts … online is now the only way to go.