Other| Volume 21, ISSUE 8, PA32, August 2005

Instructions for authors 6

        Video Clips
        Arthroscopy invites authors to submit video clips to be published on the Journal’s Web site. Video clips may be submitted as free-standing Short Reports or they may be submitted as illustrations incorporated in an article the author has submitted for publication. All video clips will be subject to peer review.


        Copyright in all video clips published on the Journal’s Web site will be held by the Arthroscopy Association of North America. Each coauthor of a video clip must sign a form expressly transferring copyright in the event that the video clip is published on the Journal’s Web site. Copies of this form may be downloaded from the Journal’s Web site or obtained from the Editorial Office. Peer review will not proceed until signed copyright releases have been received by the Editorial Office.
        Video Clips must be limited to no more than 1 minute in length and no more than 5 MB in file size. Videos must be submitted in either a QuickTime or MPEG format. Authors who want their videos accessible in a streaming format must also provide either a single SureStream file or 3 uniquely named single-rate clips (28.8, 56, T1) with a SMIL file to list the bandwidth choices. Video clips must meet production quality standards to be published on the Web without modifications or editing by the editorial office. The Journal can accept only video submissions that meet the Journal’s formatting and image quality requirements. Authors will be notified if there are any problems with submitted files and asked to resubmit modified files. Image editing and correct formatting are the author’s responsibility.
        Video clips accepted for publication will be posted to the Journal’s Web site in both nonstreaming QuickTime or MPEG format for optimal image quality and in a streaming video format for those who prefer faster downloading.
        For detailed instructions on capturing, digitizing, saving, and submitting videos by ftp, please see the Guidelines for Video Submission on the Journal’s Web site at