In Brief| Volume 21, ISSUE 12, PA11-A13, December 2005


        Original articles

        1415 Arthroscopic Versus Mini-Open Rotator Cuff Repair: A Comparison of Clinical Outcome
        Andreas M. Sauerbrey, Charles L. Getz, Marco Piancastelli, Joseph P. Iannotti, Matthew L. Ramsey, and Gerald R. Williams Jr.
        1421 Arthroscopic Repair of Full-Thickness Rotator Cuff Tears Using Bioabsorbable Tacks
        Julie M. McBirnie, Anthony Miniaci, and Sara Lyn Miniaci
        1428 Use of Preoperative Magnetic Resonance Imaging to Predict Rotator Cuff Tear Pattern and Method of Repair
        J. F. James Davidson, Stephen S. Burkhart, David P. Richards, and Scot E. Campbell
        1436 Arthroscopic Double-Bundle Augmentation of Posterior Cruciate Ligament Using Split Achilles Allograft
        Kyoung Ho Yoon, Dae Kyung Bae, Sang Jun Song, and Chan Teak Lim
        A 30-year-old man presented with a locked knee 4 weeks after a twisting injury. He had a 10° extension loss and a 1B Lachman’s. An MRI confirmed an ACL tear and concomitant locked medial and lateral bucket handle meniscal tears. Because of the chronic motion loss, a staged meniscal repair and ACL reconstruction was performed. The inside-out meniscal repairs were initially completed, and the ACL reconstruction with PT autograft was performed 3 months later (complete meniscal healing was documented). He was released to full activities at 7 months after his reconstruction, with symmetric ROM, strength, and Lachman’s testing bilaterally. Courtesy of Robin West, M.D.
        1443 A Biomechanical Comparison of Bosworth and Poly-L Lactic Acid Bioabsorbable Screws for Treatment of Acromioclavicular Separations
        J. Tucker Ammon, Michael J. Voor, and Edward D. Tillett
        1447 Suture Strength and Angle of Load Application in a Suture Anchor Eyelet
        Mark Deakin, David Stubbs, Warwick Bruce, Jerome Goldberg, Ronald M. Gillies, and William R. Walsh
        1452 Compressive Loads in Longitudinal Lateral Meniscus Tears: A Biomechanical Study in Porcine Knees
        David P. Richards, F. Alan Barber, and Morley A. Herbert
        1457 Localized Synovial Hypertrophy in the Anteromedial Compartment of the Osteoarthritic Knee
        Masahiko Ikeuchi, Toshiaki Takahashi, and Toshikazu Tani
        1462 Arthroscopic Assessment of Cartilage Repair: A Validation Study of 2 Scoring Systems
        Graham D. Smith, Jo Taylor, Karl Fredrik Almqvist, Christoph Erggelet, Gunnar Knutsen, Montse Garcia Portabella, Tony Smith, and James B. Richardson
        1468 Evaluation of the Neurosensory Function of the Medial Meniscus in Humans
        Baransel Saygi, Yakup Yildirim, Nadire Berker, Demet Ofluoglu, Evrim Karadag-Saygi, and Mustafa Karahan
        1473 Percutaneous Correction (Humeroplasty) of Humeral Head Defects (Hill-Sachs) Associated With Anterior Shoulder Instability: A Cadaveric Study
        LCDR Michael D. Kazel, LCDR Jon K. Sekiya, LT Jeffrey A. Greene, and LT Charles T. Bruker
        1479 Radiofrequency Energy Effects on the Mechanical Properties of Tendon and Capsule
        E. Jean Nightingale and W. R. Walsh
        1486 Arthroscopic Dorsal Radiocarpal Ligament Repair
        David J. Slutsky
        1492 Arthroscopic Debridement of the Elbow for Arthrofibrosis Resulting From Nondisplaced Fracture of the Radial Head
        Peter C. Lapner, Jordan M. Leith, and William D. Regan

        Current concepts

        1496 Arthroscopic Labral Repair in the Hip: Surgical Technique and Review of the Literature
        Brian T. Kelly, Daniel E. Weiland, Mara L. Schenker, and Marc J. Philippon

        Case report

        1505 Rapid Progression of Chondral Disease in the Lateral Compartment of the Knee Following Meniscectomy
        J. Winslow Alford, Paul Lewis, Richard W. Kang, and Brian J. Cole

        Technical notes

        1510 Safe Arthroscopic Access to the Central Compartment of the Hip
        Michael Dienst, Romain Seil, and Dieter M. Kohn
        1515 Arthroscopic Excision of the Symptomatic Discoid Medial Meniscus in One Piece: A Surgical Technique
        Sung-Jae Kim, Jun Dae Kwun, Kwang Am Jung, and Jong Min Kim
        1516 Arthroscopic Lapidus Arthrodesis
        Tun Hing Lui, Kwok Bill Chan, and Shek Ng
        1517 Arthroscopic Glenoid Resurfacing With Meniscal Allograft: A Minimally Invasive Alternative for Treating Glenohumeral Arthritis
        William T. Pennington and Brian A. Bartz

        Book reviews

        1521 An Atlas of Shoulder Arthroscopy
        Reviewed by Vincent P. Novak
        1521 Complex and Revision Problems in Shoulder Surgery
        Reviewed by Ethan R. Wiesler
        1522 Shoulder and Elbow Arthroplasty
        Reviewed by Vincent P. Novak
        1523 Announcements
        1524 Annual Indexes