Abstract Presented at the 26th Annual Meeting of the Arthroscopy Association of North America| Volume 23, ISSUE 6, SUPPLEMENT , e15, June 2007

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Bony Fixation of the Torn Meniscus – A New ‘All-Inside’ Surgircal Technique (Preliminary Results) (SS-29)


      This paper discusses the bony fixation of anterior horn meniscal tears that allow for an expediated post op rehabilitative course. This technique never before described.


      Multiple surgical techniques have been described to repair torn meniscus, all of which require soft tissue healing and thereby delay an early post operative return to sport/activity as outlined in most rehabilitative protocols. Herein, we describe an ‘all inside’ meniscal repair technique that allows immediate bony fixation of the torn miniscus and immediacy of weight bearing, allowing and an ‘accelerated’ rehabilitation post op.


      One hundred seventeen consecutive patients who underwent ‘all inside’ meniscal repairs by a single surgeon were retrospectively reviewed. Of these, 7 exhibited unstable anterior horn tears that were arthroscopically repaired using an ‘all inside’ suture anchor repair technique. Average age of 42 (range: 16-66).


      All preoperative meniscal symptoms resolved. One patient with a preoperative knee contracture required a post operative manipulation/arthroscopic debridement; this ‘second-look’ revealed a completely healed meniscus. All patients were happy with their outcomes and would have this procedure performed again.


      This new, arthroscopic repair technique employs suture anchors for anterior horn meniscal tears. All patients are allowed immediate weight bearing and a progressive ‘accelerated’ rehab program.