The Arthroscopy Association of North America 2008 Master's Experience Courses will be held on the following dates: May 29-June 1, 2008 (resident); June 6-8, 2008 (shoulder); June 28-29, 2008 (wrist/elbow); July 25-27, 2008 (hip); August 1-3, 2008 (shoulder); September 5-7, 2008 (knee “cartilage”); September 13-14, 2008 (foot/ankle); September 26-28, 2008 (hip); October 10-12, 2008 (shoulder); October 16-19, 2008 (resident). They will be held at the Orthopaedic Learning Center, Rosemont, IL. For more information, visit
        The University of Kentucky 10th Annual Sports Medicine Symposium will be held May 16 and 17, 2008, at the Thoroughbred Center in Lexington, Kentucky. Visit or E-mail [email protected] for further information.
        The 13th Congress of the European Society of Traumatology, Knee Surgery, and Arthroscopy (ESSKA 2008) will be held May 21-24, 2008, in Porto, Portugal. Visit for further information.
        The Third International Congress of the Latin American Society of Arthroscopy, Knee and Sports Medicine (SLARD)—Eighth Congress of the Asociación Méxicana de Cirugía Reconstrutiva Articular y Artroscopía (AMECRA) will be held June 4-7, 2008, at the Hilton Cancún Golf & Spa Resort, Cancún, México. Visit or for information.
        The Combined European Interdisciplinary Society for Clinical and Sports Applications (EISCSA) and Post-Olympics SPORTSMEDICA Congress will be held October 16-18, 2008, in The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. This multidisciplinary congress will be an opportunity to share, exchange, and transmit scientific knowledge and experiences. For information, visit
        The 27th Annual Fall Course of the Arthroscopy Association of North America will be held November 13-15, 2008, in Phoenix, Arizona. Visit for further information.