Arthroscopy Journal Video Prize. At the recommendation of the Journal Board of Trustees and with the approval of the AANA Board, we are pleased to announce that the annual Journal prize in 2010 will be the ArthroscopyJournal Video Prize. Recognizing the value and taking advantage of what the Internet has to offer, we have exhorted our authors to “Go to the Video” in our effort to provide our readers with the highest quality, most instructive video supplements to published articles possible. And so, we will award a prize of $5,000 to the best video with narration to accompany an article published in Arthroscopy in 2010. The award will be judged by the Journal's Editors and Associate Editors, who have recused themselves from the competition. Please see the Instructions for Authors for file type, length, and file size limits.
        The Arthroscopy Association of North America 2010 Master's Experience Courses will be held on the following dates: April 16-18, 2010 (knee “ligament”); June 4-6, 2010 (shoulder); June 12-13, 2010 (wrist & elbow); July 30-August 1, 2010 (hip); August 19-22, 2010 (fundamentals/resident); August 27-29, 2010 (knee “cartilage”); September 10-12, 2010 (shoulder); September 25-26, 2010 (AANA/AOFAS foot & ankle); October 14-16, 2010 (senior resident/fellow); October 29-31, 2010 (shoulder); November 5-7, 2010 (hip). They will be held at the Orthopaedic Learning Center, Rosemont, IL. For more information, visit