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    Published:February 11, 2014DOI:
        On the Cover: A healthy 25-year-old male car mechanic presented to our clinic with a painful, well-defined swelling lateral to the patella of 6 months duration. There was no previous trauma, he had a full range of motion, and there was no joint effusion. Ligamentous examination showed no abnormalities, and meniscal provocation tests were negative. MRI revealed a multiloculated cyst lateral to the patella of 40 × 20 mm. On standard arthroscopic examination, we found the intra-articular cyst originating from the synovial lining along the superolateral side of the trochlear groove. The synovial cyst was resected in toto through a parapatellar incision. Histology confirmed the diagnosis and the patient had an uneventful recovery. View accompanying video at Courtesy of Peer van der Zwaal, M.D., and Jan-Willem A. Swen, M.D.

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