Other| Volume 30, ISSUE 2, PA9, February 2014

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        On the Cover: Arthroscopic Latarjet procedure. A 24-year-rugby player presented at our shoulder and elbow clinic complaining of multiple episodes of traumatic anterior shoulder dislocation that severely restricted his athletic performance. An arthro-MRI showed a severe bony Bankart lesion, and the patient was scheduled for an arthroscopic Latarjet procedure. The bony Bankart lesion was confirmed at surgery, and a coracoid graft fixed with two screws reconstructed it. The patient is now 2 years from surgery, he has resumed athletic activities, and his shoulder is stable. See acompanying video at Courtesy of Emilio Calvo, M.D., Ph.D., M.B.A., and Diana Morcillo, M.D.

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