In the article “Results From the Swedish National Anterior Cruciate Ligament Register” by Kvist et al. in the July 2014 issue (Arthroscopy 2014;30:803-810), there were minor errors in Table 2. The corrected table appears below.
        Table 2Fixation Devices, Year by Year, on Tibial and Femoral Sides for Primary ACL Reconstructions Using Hamstring Tendon Autografts
        Tibial side (%)
         Metal screw41.639.839.932.334.934.632.624.834.4
         Intrafix (DePuy Mitek, Raynham, MA)26.925.420.
         Absorbable screw0.00.34.313.514.819.624.332.415.2
         Suture Post7.67.19.512.416.816.915.917.113.5
         Metal screw + suture post fixation10.813.810.89.813.013.614.113.712.6
         Rigidfix (DePuy Mitek)
         RetroScrew (Arthrex, Naples, FL)
         EndoButton/RetroButton/TightRope (Smith & Nephew, Andover, MA/Arthrex/Arthrex)
        Femoral side (%)
         Rigidfix/TransFix (Arthrex)60.455.253.443.932.018.811.05.332.2
         Metal screw28.726.223.120.419.919.616.913.520.4

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