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        On the Cover: Fifty-four-year-old man with 1-month history of medial-sided knee pain following a twisting injury while waiting tables at his place of employment. X-ray demonstrated no signs of medial/lateral/patellofemoral osteoarthritis. Magnetic resonance imaging showed a posterior horn medial meniscus. Additionally, there was a rare congenital anomaly: a thick band-line anteromedial meniscofemoral ligament paralleling the course of the anterior cruciate ligament. Patient was taken to the operating room, where he underwent partial medial meniscal resection. Additionally, we debrided the ligamentum mucosum to better appreciate this anomaly. We did not do anything surgically to the anomalous structure, given that the patient only had preoperative symptoms consistent with a medial meniscus tear. Our patient made a full and uneventful recovery. We currently have a series of 3 knees with similar pathology. In our previous cases, the preoperative symptoms directed us towards meniscal pathology, which was addressed at the time of arthroscopy. Patients did well postoperatively without any treatment of this anomalous structure. View the accompanying video at Courtesy of Christopher R. Jones, M.D., Gregory Applegate, M.D., and Joseph P. Burns, M.D.

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