Editors' Disclosure of Potential Conflicts of Interest

      As is usual, customary, and well known in 2018, Arthroscopy uses the ICMJE (International Committee of Medical Journal Editors) Conflict of Interest disclosure form for authors of all manuscripts.
      Instructions for Authors.
      The purpose of this form is to provide readers with information about authors' other interests that could influence how readers receive and understand the work. Each author “is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the submitted information.”
      Of interest, the ICMJE form is completed in sections and includes information as to whether authors or their institution: (1) identify relevant conflicts regarding “The Work Under Consideration for Publication…at any time,” (2) identify relevant conflicts “outside the submitted work…during the 36 months prior to publication,” or (3) identify “Intellectual Property—Patents & Copyrights…whether planned, pending or issued, broadly relevant to the work.”
      What may be less well known is that in 2017, Arthroscopy and our publisher, Elsevier, identified an opportunity for improvement and accomplished a goal. As a result, we are pleased to inform our readers that full and complete ICMJE author disclosure forms are available for all articles online, including Editorial Commentaries and Letters to the Editor, as “Supplemental Materials.” However, we also identified that ICMJE forms have not been completed for Editorials. Moreover, readers may be interested in understanding potential conflict of interest of the Editor-in-Chief, Assistant Editors-in-Chief, and Associate Editors.
      Thus, today, and annually, we will publish an editorial, beginning with the editorial you are now reading, including the ICMJE forms of the Editor-in-chief, Assistant Editors-in-Chief, and all of our Associate Editors online as supplemental material. As editors, we do our very best to psychologically compartmentalize and to disengage from our potential conflicts in order to make editorial decisions in an unbiased manner. Nevertheless, potential conflicts do exist, and we feel both compelled and content to provide our full disclosures.

      Supplementary Data


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