Excellent Clinical and Radiological Midterm Outcomes for the Management of Recurrent Anterior Shoulder Instability by All-Arthroscopic Modified Eden-Hybinette Procedure Using Iliac Crest Autograft and Double-Pair Button Fixation System: 3-Year Clinical Case Series With No Loss to Follow-Up

Published:October 27, 2020DOI:https://doi.org/10.1016/j.arthro.2020.10.036



      To evaluate the clinical, functional, and radiological midterm outcomes of the all-arthroscopic modified Eden-Hybinette procedure in patients with recurrent anterior shoulder instability.


      A retrospective, single-center case series with prospectively collected data was conducted. The inclusion criterion was traumatic recurrent anterior shoulder instability with significant glenoid bone loss; patients with atraumatic or multidirectional instability were excluded. An all-arthroscopic modified Eden-Hybinette procedure using iliac crest autograft and double-pair button fixation was carried out. All patients were postoperatively assessed for recurrence and apprehension. Shoulder range of motion values and functional scores, including American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons Score, Oxford instability, Rowe instability, and Walch-Dupplay, were recorded. Graft positions, healing, and absorption were evaluated with computed tomography. Comparisons of values were performed with paired t tests for normally distributed differences and with nonparametric Wilcoxon’s signed rank test otherwise.


      The final study cohort included 28 patients, mean age 36 ± 10 years, and mean follow-up period 43 ± 6 months (range 36 to 53). Median glenoid bone loss was 12.4% (range 8% to 33%). No recurrence occurred, no subjective shoulder instability was reported, and no major complications were documented through the last follow-up. Postoperative shoulder range of motion had no significant differences compared with the healthy side. All final postoperative functional scores significantly increased to show excellent results compared with preoperative values. All grafts were positioned and healed optimally, and none was completely reabsorbed.


      The all-arthroscopic modified Eden-Hybinette procedure is safe, leading to excellent clinical and radiological midterm outcomes in patients with recurrent anterior shoulder instability. This technique restores glenoid bone defects and preserves the normal shoulder anatomy.

      Level of Evidence

      IV, therapeutic, retrospective case series
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