Bankart Repair With Subscapularis Augmentation in Athletes With Shoulder Hyperlaxity

Published:February 10, 2021DOI:


      The purpose of this study was to demonstrate that arthroscopic Bankart repair with associated arthroscopic subscapularis augmentation (ASA) could be a valid surgical option in the treatment of anterior shoulder instability, in collision and contact sports athletes, affected by shoulder hyperlaxity.


      In total, 591 arthroscopic Bankart repairs plus ASA were performed in 6 shoulder centers from 2009 to 2017. Inclusion criteria were the following: collision and contact sports activities, recurrent anterior instability associated with hyperlaxity and glenoid bone loss (GBL) < 15%. Exclusion criteria were GBL > 15%, voluntary instability, multidirectional instability, pre-existing osteoarthritis and throwing athletes. The minimum follow-up was 24 months. Hyperlaxity was clinically evaluated according to Neer and Coudane-Walch tests. Before surgery, all patients underwent magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography scanning. Pico area method was used to assess the percentage of GBL. Patients were operated on by 6 surgeons, and their functional outcomes were evaluated by 2 independent observers. The Western Ontario Shoulder Instability Index (WOSI), Rowe, American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons (ASES) scores were used to assess results.


      Overall, 397 patients with evidence of shoulder hyperlaxity (positive sulcus sign in ER1 position and Coudane-Walch test > 85°) met all inclusion criteria. The mean WOSI score was 321; the mean Rowe score rose from 68.5 to 92.5 (P = .037), and the ASES score rose from 71.5 to 97.4 (P = .041). Seven patients (1.6%) had atraumatic redislocation, and 9 patients (2.2%) had post-traumatic redislocation. At final follow-up the mean functional deficit of external rotation was 15° with the arm in adduction (ER1 position) and 10° in abduction (ER2 position).


      The Bankart repair plus ASA has been demonstrated to be safe and effective for restoring joint stability in patients practicing collision and contact sports or affected by chronic anterior shoulder instability associated with GBL (<15%) and hyperlaxity, without compromising external rotation.

      Level of Evidence

      Level IV, case series.
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