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        On the Cover: Right shoulder posterior subacromial view portal viewed with a 70-degree arthroscope. A) There are initially dense adhesions in the subcoracoid space which are gently cleared by following the rotator cuff (RC) medially until, B) the tip of the coracoid (CT) is identified. C) Dissection continues along bone until the base of the coracoid is identified, the subscapularis (SSc) is seen (if intact), and the glenosphere is visualized posterior to the subscapularis (white arrow). See the related article at Courtesy of Javier Ardebol, M.D., Ignacio Pasqualini, M.D., Robert U. Hartzler, M.D., Justin W. Griffin, M.D., Evan Lederman, M.D., and Patrick J. Denard, M.D.